May 5th All Events

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May 5th, 2008 (May 05 2008)DeathIrv Robbins, Canadian-American entrepreneur (born in 1917)
May 5th, 2007 (May 05 2007)EventKenya Airways Flight KQ 507 crashes in Cameroon.
May 5th, 2007 (May 05 2007)DeathTheodore Harold Maiman, Inventor (born in 1927)
May 5th, 2006 (May 05 2006)EventThe government of Sudan signs an accord with the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA).
May 5th, 2006 (May 05 2006)DeathNaushad Ali, Indian composer (born in 1919)
May 5th, 2005 (May 05 2005)EventThe United Kingdom general election takes place, in which Tony Blair s Labour Party is re-elected for a third, consecutive term.Tony Blair Quotes
May 5th, 2004 (May 05 2004)DeathRitsuko Okazaki, Japanese singer-songwriter (born in 1959)
May 5th, 2003 (May 05 2003)DeathWalter Sisulu, South African activist (born in 1912)
May 5th, 2002 (May 05 2002)DeathHugo Banzer, Bolivian dictator (born in 1926)
May 5th, 2002 (May 05 2002)DeathPaul Klipsch, American engineer, noted for his loudspeaker designs. (born in 1904)
May 5th, 2002 (May 05 2002)DeathGeorge Sidney, American film director (born in 1916)
May 5th, 2001 (May 05 2001)DeathClifton Hillegass, American writer and publisher
May 5th, 2001 (May 05 2001)DeathRaymond Kessler, American midget wrestler
May 5th, 2000 (May 05 2000)DeathGino Bartali, Italian cyclist (born in 1914)
May 5th, 1997 (May 05 1997)DeathWalter Gotell, German actor (born in 1924)
May 5th, 1995 (May 05 1995)DeathMikhail Botvinnik, Russian chess player, grandmaster and world champion (born in 1911)
May 5th, 1992 (May 05 1992)EventThe 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
May 5th, 1992 (May 05 1992)DeathJean-Claude Pascal, French singer (b.1927)
May 5th, 1991 (May 05 1991)EventA riot breaks out in the Mt. Pleasant section of Washington, D.C. after a Salvadoran man is shot by police.
May 5th, 1989 (May 05 1989)BirthChris Brown, American singer
May 5th, 1988 (May 05 1988)BirthJessica Dubroff, American aviator (died in 1996)
May 5th, 1988 (May 05 1988)BirthBrooke Hogan, American singer
May 5th, 1988 (May 05 1988)BirthSkye Sweetnam, Canadian singer and songwriterSkye Sweetnam Quotes
May 5th, 1988 (May 05 1988)BirthAdele, English singer
May 5th, 1988 (May 05 1988)DeathMichael Shaara, American author (born in 1928)
May 5th, 1987 (May 05 1987)EventIran-Contra affair: Start of Congressional televised hearings.
May 5th, 1987 (May 05 1987)BirthMarija Sestic, Bosnian singer
May 5th, 1985 (May 05 1985)BirthP. J. Tucker, American basketball player
May 5th, 1985 (May 05 1985)BirthShoko Nakagawa, Japanese actress, illustrator and singer
May 5th, 1985 (May 05 1985)BirthTerrence Wheatley, American Football player
May 5th, 1985 (May 05 1985)DeathSir Donald Bailey, British civil engineer (born in 1901)
May 5th, 1984 (May 05 1984)BirthWade MacNeil, Canadian guitarist (Alexisonfire)
May 5th, 1984 (May 05 1984)BirthEve Torres, American dancer and model
May 5th, 1983 (May 05 1983)BirthHenry Cavill, English actor
May 5th, 1983 (May 05 1983)BirthScott Ware, American footballer
May 5th, 1983 (May 05 1983)DeathHorst Schumann, Nazi physician (born in 1901)
May 5th, 1982 (May 05 1982)BirthJay Bothroyd, English footballer
May 5th, 1982 (May 05 1982)BirthWouter D Haene, Belgian flatwater canoer
May 5th, 1982 (May 05 1982)BirthRandall Gay, National Football League player
May 5th, 1982 (May 05 1982)BirthEdyta Sliwinska, Polish ballroom dancer
May 5th, 1982 (May 05 1982)BirthDieter Brummer, Australian TV Actor
May 5th, 1981 (May 05 1981)BirthCraig David, English singerCraig David Quotes
May 5th, 1981 (May 05 1981)BirthDanielle Fishel, American actress
May 5th, 1981 (May 05 1981)BirthMarcelle Bittar, Brazilian supermodel
May 5th, 1981 (May 05 1981)BirthChris Duncan, baseball player
May 5th, 1981 (May 05 1981)DeathBobby Sands, Irish activist (born in 1954)
May 5th, 1980 (May 05 1980)EventOperation Nimrod: The Special Air Service storm the Iranian embassy in London after a six day siege.
May 5th, 1980 (May 05 1980)EventConstantine Karamanlis is elected for the first time President of Greece.
May 5th, 1980 (May 05 1980)BirthYossi Benayoun, Israeli Footballer
May 5th, 1979 (May 05 1979)BirthVincent Kartheiser, American actor
May 5th, 1978 (May 05 1978)BirthSantiago Cabrera, Chilean actor
May 5th, 1978 (May 05 1978)BirthBruno Cheyrou, French footballer
May 5th, 1977 (May 05 1977)BirthChoi Kang-hee, South Korean actress
May 5th, 1977 (May 05 1977)DeathLudwig Erhard, German politician (CDU) and Chancellor of Germany from 1963 until 1966 (born in 1897)
May 5th, 1976 (May 05 1976)BirthJuan Pablo Sorin, Argentine footballer
May 5th, 1976 (May 05 1976)BirthAnastasios Pantos, Greek footballer
May 5th, 1974 (May 05 1974)BirthSeiji Ara, Japanese racing driver
May 5th, 1973 (May 05 1973)BirthMuhsin Muhammad, American football player
May 5th, 1973 (May 05 1973)BirthTina Yothers, American actress
May 5th, 1972 (May 05 1972)BirthJames Cracknell, British rowing champion, double Olympic gold medalist
May 5th, 1972 (May 05 1972)BirthMike Dirnt, American musician (Green Day)
May 5th, 1972 (May 05 1972)BirthDevin Townsend, Canadian musician (Strapping Young Lad)
May 5th, 1972 (May 05 1972)BirthBrad Bombardir, Canadian ice hockey player
May 5th, 1971 (May 05 1971)BirthMike Redmond, American baseball player
May 5th, 1971 (May 05 1971)BirthDavid Reilly, American singer (God Lives Underwater) (died in 2005)
May 5th, 1971 (May 05 1971)DeathViolet Jessop, Titanic survivor (born in 1887)
May 5th, 1970 (May 05 1970)BirthKyan Douglas, American TV-personality
May 5th, 1970 (May 05 1970)BirthJuan Acevedo, baseball player
May 5th, 1970 (May 05 1970)BirthNaomi Klein, Canadian author and activist
May 5th, 1970 (May 05 1970)BirthWill Arnett, Canadian-American actor
May 5th, 1970 (May 05 1970)BirthSoheil Ayari, French racer
May 5th, 1967 (May 05 1967)BirthTakehito Koyasu, Japanese seiyu (voice actor)
May 5th, 1967 (May 05 1967)BirthMaro Mavri, Greek fashion model and actress
May 5th, 1966 (May 05 1966)BirthShawn Drover, Canadian drummer (Megadeth)
May 5th, 1965 (May 05 1965)BirthGlenn Seton, Australian racing driver
May 5th, 1964 (May 05 1964)EventMay 5 is declared Europe Day on the 15th anniversary of the Council of Europe.
May 5th, 1963 (May 05 1963)BirthSimon Rimmer, English chef
May 5th, 1963 (May 05 1963)BirthHeidi Kozak, American actress
May 5th, 1963 (May 05 1963)BirthJames LaBrie, Canadian singer (Dream Theater)
May 5th, 1962 (May 05 1962)BirthJenifer McKitrick, American songwriter
May 5th, 1962 (May 05 1962)DeathErnest Tyldesley, English cricketer (born in 1889)
May 5th, 1961 (May 05 1961)EventThe Mercury program: Mercury-Redstone 3 - Alan Shepard becomes the first American to travel into outer space, making a sub-orbital flight of 15 minutes.
May 5th, 1961 (May 05 1961)BirthHiroshi Hase, Japanese professional wrestler and politician
May 5th, 1959 (May 05 1959)BirthIan McCulloch, English singer of Echo & the Bunnymen
May 5th, 1959 (May 05 1959)BirthBrian Phelps, American disk jockey and actor
May 5th, 1959 (May 05 1959)BirthBrian Williams, American news anchor
May 5th, 1959 (May 05 1959)DeathCarlos Saavedra Lamas, Argentine politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1878)
May 5th, 1958 (May 05 1958)BirthRon Arad, Israeli aircraft navigator missing in action.
May 5th, 1957 (May 05 1957)BirthRichard E. Grant, British actor
May 5th, 1957 (May 05 1957)BirthPeter Howitt, British actor and film director
May 5th, 1956 (May 05 1956)BirthRobert Marien, Quebec actor, singer and songwriter
May 5th, 1955 (May 05 1955)EventWest Germany gains full sovereignty.
May 5th, 1955 (May 05 1955)BirthMelinda Culea, American actress
May 5th, 1954 (May 05 1954)BirthDave Spector, American television personality and commentator
May 5th, 1952 (May 05 1952)BirthCampbell McComas, Australian impersonator and broadcaster (died in 2005)
May 5th, 1950 (May 05 1950)EventBhumibol Adulyadej is crowned as King Rama IX of Thailand.
May 5th, 1950 (May 05 1950)BirthGoogoosh, Faegheh Atashin (????? ?????), Iranian, Persian Singer & actress
May 5th, 1950 (May 05 1950)BirthMary Hopkin, Welsh singer
May 5th, 1949 (May 05 1949)EventThe Council of Europe in Strasbourg is founded through the Treaty of London as the first European institution working for European integration. Since 1964, May 5 has been designated Europe Day by the Council of Europe and is celebrated since then to commemorate its founding on May 5, 1949.
May 5th, 1948 (May 05 1948)BirthBill Ward, British drummer (Black Sabbath)
May 5th, 1947 (May 05 1947)DeathTy LaForest, Canadian baseball player (born in 1917)
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)EventWorld War II: German troops in the Netherlands and Denmark capitulate to Canadian and British forces, liberating these countries from Nazi occupation.
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)EventWorld War II: Prague uprising against the Nazis.
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)EventWorld War II: The Mauthausen concentration camp is liberated.
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)EventWorld War II: Admiral Karl Donitz, leader of Germany after Hitler s death, orders all U-boats to cease offensive operations and return to their bases.Karl Donitz Quotes
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)BirthKurt Loder, Entertainment reporter
May 5th, 1945 (May 05 1945)DeathPeter Van Pels, Jewish Refugee (born in 1926)
May 5th, 1944 (May 05 1944)BirthBo Larsson, Swedish footballer
May 5th, 1944 (May 05 1944)BirthJean-Pierre Leaud, French actor
May 5th, 1944 (May 05 1944)BirthJohn Rhys-Davies, Welsh actorJohn Davies Quotes
May 5th, 1943 (May 05 1943)BirthMichael Palin, British writer, actor, and comedianMichael Palin Quotes
May 5th, 1943 (May 05 1943)BirthRaphael, Spanish singer
May 5th, 1942 (May 05 1942)BirthMarc Alaimo, American actor
May 5th, 1942 (May 05 1942)BirthTammy Wynette, American musician (died in 1998)
May 5th, 1942 (May 05 1942)DeathQemal Stafa, Albanian politician (born in 1920)
May 5th, 1941 (May 05 1941)EventChanel No. 5 is released.
May 5th, 1941 (May 05 1941)EventEmperor Haile Selassie returns to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; this date has been since commemorated as Liberation Day.
May 5th, 1941 (May 05 1941)BirthAlexander Ragulin, Russian hockey player (died in 2004)
May 5th, 1941 (May 05 1941)DeathNatalija Obrenovic, Queen of Serbia (born in 1859)
May 5th, 1940 (May 05 1940)EventWorld War II: In London, a Norwegian government-in-exile is formed.
May 5th, 1940 (May 05 1940)BirthLance Henriksen, American actor and painter
May 5th, 1940 (May 05 1940)BirthMichael Lindsay-Hogg, American film director
May 5th, 1939 (May 05 1939)BirthCesare Fiorio, Italian sporting director of various Formula One teams
May 5th, 1938 (May 05 1938)BirthMichael Murphy, American actor
May 5th, 1937 (May 05 1937)BirthJohnnie Taylor, American singer (died in 2000)
May 5th, 1936 (May 05 1936)EventItalian troops occupy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
May 5th, 1936 (May 05 1936)BirthPatrick Gowers, British composer
May 5th, 1935 (May 05 1935)BirthDouglas Marland, American television writer (died in 1993)
May 5th, 1935 (May 05 1935)BirthBernard Pivot, French journalist and television host
May 5th, 1935 (May 05 1935)BirthRobert Rehme, American film producer
May 5th, 1934 (May 05 1934)BirthAce Cannon, American saxophonist
May 5th, 1931 (May 05 1931)BirthGreg, Belgian comic-book writer (Achille Talon) (d, 1999)
May 5th, 1931 (May 05 1931)DeathGlen Kidston, British aviator and racing driver (born in 1899)
May 5th, 1927 (May 05 1927)BirthPat Carroll, American actress
May 5th, 1926 (May 05 1926)BirthAnn B. Davis, American actress
May 5th, 1925 (May 05 1925)EventScopes Trial: John T. Scopes is served an arrest warrant for teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.
May 5th, 1925 (May 05 1925)EventAfrikaans is established as an official language in South Africa.
May 5th, 1925 (May 05 1925)BirthLeo Ryan, United States Congressman (died in 1978)
May 5th, 1923 (May 05 1923)BirthRichard Wollheim, British philosopher (died in 2003) Philo Quotes
May 5th, 1921 (May 05 1921)BirthArthur Leonard Schawlow, American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1999)
May 5th, 1921 (May 05 1921)DeathAlfred Hermann Fried, Austrian writer and pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1864)Alfred Nobel Quotes
May 5th, 1920 (May 05 1920)EventNicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are arrested, accused of robbery and murder.
May 5th, 1919 (May 05 1919)BirthGeorgios Papadopoulos, Greek dictator (died in 1999)
May 5th, 1916 (May 05 1916)EventAmerican marines invade the Dominican Republic.
May 5th, 1916 (May 05 1916)BirthZail Singh, President of India (died in 1994)
May 5th, 1915 (May 05 1915)BirthAlice Faye, American actress (died in 1998)
May 5th, 1914 (May 05 1914)BirthTyrone Power, American actor (died in 1958)
May 5th, 1908 (May 05 1908)BirthKurt Bohme, German bass (died in 1989)
May 5th, 1904 (May 05 1904)EventPitching against the Philadelphia Athletics at the Huntington Avenue Grounds, Cy Young of the Boston Americans throws the first perfect game in the modern era of baseball.
May 5th, 1903 (May 05 1903)BirthJames Beard, American chef and cookbook writer (died in 1985)
May 5th, 1902 (May 05 1902)EventThe Commonwealth Public Service Act creates the Australian Public Service.
May 5th, 1901 (May 05 1901)BirthBlind Willie McTell, American singer (died in 1959)
May 5th, 1900 (May 05 1900)DeathIvan Aivazovsky, Russian painter (born in 1817)
May 5th, 1899 (May 05 1899)BirthFreeman Gosden, American radio comedian (Amos-Amos n Andy) (died in 1982)
May 5th, 1896 (May 05 1896)DeathSilas Adams, American lawyer and politician (born in 1839)
May 5th, 1892 (May 05 1892)DeathAugust Wilhelm von Hofmann, German chemist (born in 1818)
May 5th, 1891 (May 05 1891)EventThe Music Hall in New York City (now known as Carnegie Hall) has its grand opening and first public performance, with Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky as the guest conductor.Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Quotes
May 5th, 1890 (May 05 1890)BirthChristopher Morley, American writer (died in 1957)Christopher Morley Quotes
May 5th, 1887 (May 05 1887)BirthGeoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (died in 1972)
May 5th, 1886 (May 05 1886)EventThe Bay View Tragedy occurs, as militia fire upon a crowd of protesters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin killing seven.
May 5th, 1883 (May 05 1883)BirthArchibald Wavell, British general (died in 1950)
May 5th, 1877 (May 05 1877)EventIndian Wars: Sitting Bull leads his band of Lakota into Canada to avoid harassment by the United States Army under Colonel Nelson Miles.
May 5th, 1869 (May 05 1869)BirthHans Pfitzner, Russian-born composer (died in 1949)
May 5th, 1866 (May 05 1866)BirthThomas B. Thrige, Danish industrialist (died in 1938)
May 5th, 1865 (May 05 1865)EventIn North Bend, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio), the first train robbery in the United States takes place.
May 5th, 1865 (May 05 1865)BirthNellie Bly, American journalist and writer (died in 1922)
May 5th, 1864 (May 05 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of the Wilderness begins in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
May 5th, 1862 (May 05 1862)EventCinco de Mayo in Mexico: Troops led by Ignacio Zaragoza halt a French invasion in the Battle of Puebla.
May 5th, 1859 (May 05 1859)DeathPeter Gustav Dirichlet, German mathematician (born in 1805)
May 5th, 1855 (May 05 1855)DeathSir Robert Inglis, Bt, English politician (born in 1786)
May 5th, 1846 (May 05 1846)BirthHenryk Sienkiewicz, Polish author, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1916)
May 5th, 1835 (May 05 1835)EventIn Belgium, the first railway in continental Europe opens between Brussels and Mechelen.
May 5th, 1834 (May 05 1834)BirthViktor Hartmann, Russian architect and painter (died in 1873)
May 5th, 1833 (May 05 1833)BirthFerdinand von Richthofen, German geographer (died in 1905)
May 5th, 1832 (May 05 1832)BirthH.H. Bancroft, American historian and publisher (died in 1918)
May 5th, 1830 (May 05 1830)BirthJohn Batterson Stetson, American hat manufacturer (died in 1906)
May 5th, 1827 (May 05 1827)DeathFrederick Augustus I of Saxony (born in 1750)
May 5th, 1826 (May 05 1826)BirthEmpress Eugenie of France, wife of Napoleon III (died in 1920)
May 5th, 1821 (May 05 1821)EventEmperor Napoleon I dies in exile on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.
May 5th, 1821 (May 05 1821)DeathNapoleon I of France (born in 1769)
May 5th, 1818 (May 05 1818)BirthKarl Marx, German political philosopher (died in 1883)Karl Marx Quotes
May 5th, 1813 (May 05 1813)BirthSoren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher (died in 1855) Philo Quotes
May 5th, 1811 (May 05 1811)DeathRobert Mylne, Scottish architect (born in 1734)
May 5th, 1809 (May 05 1809)EventMary Kies becomes the first woman awarded a U.S. patent, for a technique of weaving straw with silk and thread.
May 5th, 1809 (May 05 1809)EventThe Swiss canton of Aargau denies citizenship to Jews.
May 5th, 1808 (May 05 1808)DeathPierre Jean George Cabanis, French physiologist (born in 1757)
May 5th, 1800 (May 05 1800)BirthLouis Christophe Francois Hachette, French publisher (died in 1864)
May 5th, 1789 (May 05 1789)EventIn France, the Estates-General convenes for the first time in 150 years.
May 5th, 1766 (May 05 1766)DeathJean Astruc, French physician and scholar (born in 1684)
May 5th, 1764 (May 05 1764)BirthRobert Craufurd, British general (died in 1812)
May 5th, 1762 (May 05 1762)EventRussia and Prussia sign the Treaty of St. Petersburg.
May 5th, 1760 (May 05 1760)DeathLaurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers, English murderer (hanged) (born in 1720)
May 5th, 1747 (May 05 1747)BirthLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1792)
May 5th, 1705 (May 05 1705)DeathLeopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1640)
May 5th, 1672 (May 05 1672)DeathSamuel Cooper, English painter (born in 1609)
May 5th, 1671 (May 05 1671)DeathEdward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester, English politician (born in 1602)
May 5th, 1640 (May 05 1640)EventKing Charles I of England dissolves the Short Parliament.
May 5th, 1604 (May 05 1604)DeathClaudio Merulo, Italian composer (born in 1533)
May 5th, 1586 (May 05 1586)DeathHenry Sidney, Lord Deputy of Ireland (born in 1529)
May 5th, 1546 (May 05 1546)BirthThomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, English politician (died in 1623)
May 5th, 1525 (May 05 1525)DeathFrederick III of Saxony (born in 1463)
May 5th, 1494 (May 05 1494)EventChristopher Columbus lands on the island of Jamaica and claims it for Spain.Christopher Columbus Quotes
May 5th, 1479 (May 05 1479)BirthGuru Amar Das, third Sikh Guru (died in 1574)
May 5th, 1309 (May 05 1309)DeathKing Charles II of Naples
May 5th, 1260 (May 05 1260)EventKublai Khan becomes ruler of the Mongol Empire.
May 5th, 1219 (May 05 1219)DeathKing Leo II of Armenia (born in 1150)
May 5th, 1215 (May 05 1215)EventRebel Barons renounce their allegiance to King John of Englandied in This was part of a chain of events leading to the Magna Carta signing.
May 5th, 1210 (May 05 1210)BirthKing Afonso III of Portugal (died in 1279)
May 5th, 1194 (May 05 1194)DeathKing Casimir II of Poland (born in 1138)
May 5th, 1028 (May 05 1028)DeathKing Alfonso V of Castile, Leon, and Galicia
May 5th, 0984 (May 05 0984)DeathGerberga of Saxony, Queen of Western Francia
May 5th, 0867 (May 05 0867)BirthUda, Emperor of Japan (died in 931)
May 5th, 0553 (May 05 0553)EventThe Second Council of Constantinople begins.
May 5th, 0311 (May 05 0311)DeathGalerius, Roman Emperor
May 5th, 0200 (May 05 0200)DeathSun Ce, warlord of the Han Dynasty (born in 175)

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